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  • Jan Walker


The baby was radiant. She was beautiful and perfect. Wide-eyed and smiling. Happy to be free to walk anywhere she wanted to go in that crowded restaurant. At that moment, where she wanted to go was to our table. I returned her happy smile and told her how beautiful she was. Her skin was luminescent. Soft curls framing her face. Big, beautiful eyes. She was wearing a cute outfit, but all I could see was that radiant, smiling face. It was full of life. Full of possibility. Full of expectation. Full of love.

She walked directly to me, and put her arms up, wanting to be picked up. Wanting to be hugged. Wanting to be embraced. Oh, I wanted to. Her mama came along and scooped her up, apologizing for the baby's boldness. As they were walking away, the baby looked over her mother's shoulder, straight at me, still grinning.

It was a Holy Spirit encounter.

Later, He showed me that to Him, I look just like that baby. Perfect, beautiful, radiant. Full of possibility. Full of love.

He wants us to come to His table. To walk right up to it, never questioning whether or not we would be welcome there. Never doubting our acceptance. Knowing that we are loved. Fully expecting Him to return our perfect smile.

Lord, let us approach Your table in the same way that baby came to ours. Full of joy and expectation. Let me come to You the way that baby came to me… arms outstretched, expecting to be lifted up. Expecting to be embraced and accepted. Expecting to be loved.

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